Tucked inside a pop shell lies Sydney-born, Kiwi singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W, who blends soul-driven melodies with emotive lyrics that reflect her resilience and quest for peace within herself and the world around her, swiftly moving between the many facets of pop music to show-off different sides to her artistry.

B-W rediscovered her passion for music after initially pursuing an acting career. However, when her health suffered under the pressure of acting, and following a mind opening trip to Africa, she switched her attention to wildlife conservation, becoming a qualified zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Training Institute.

Taylor B-W’s songs are capsules of her mind and her past, clearing out the cobwebs.  She delves into common issues that young millennials deal with daily: clinical depression and anxiety, financial instability, destructive relationships and heartbreak, loneliness in a digital world, body dysmorphia, thanatophobia (fear of death), eco-anxiety, and the yearning for inner peace.  B-W is simply on a soul-searching quest to heal the cracks in her relationship with herself and those around her: “I guess, I’m always just trying to make sense of it all."  However, although her songs are very reflective, with a sombre and moody undertone, don’t be fooled.  B-W’s music offers hope and resilience through hardship - she wants her songs to empower the underdogs (a concept she relates to well) and hope they know that someone is always there for them.

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Part of B-W’s charm is her antithetical goofy persona on and off stage.  She embodies a youthful, funny and vivacious spirit, which is genuinely infectious.  She does admit, however: “My silliness is self-preservation and also a genuine urgent need to make others feel comfortable and happy around me - it's on auto-pilot. But my humour is sometimes detrimental because I don’t always know how to be vulnerable in public although I am seriously an emotional, sensitive person.  Slowly, I have been able to break down my walls and share my true insecurities and troubles through music. That, in turn, has allowed me to gradually feel comfortable enough to openly speak out about values and issues I feel passionate about in day-to-day life.  Hopefully my music will encourage others to do the same. We are not alone in all this.”


Facing the daily pressures of working multiple jobs to get the funds to produce her music, keeping her health in check, and trying to maintain some sort of work/life balance has also given B-W a lot of additional stress: “It’s crazy how we can live in a world nowadays with so many options and, yet, we can still feel more stuck than ever.  The pressure of this new world has made me feel lost, and that is why I always come back to music because that is where I feel like I belong. It’s my safe place.”